(Peace) Party like it’s 1968

I’ve been digging into the backstory of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and I have a new appreciation for Lady Elaine Fairchilde.


image courtesy of Neighborhood Archive

She comes from Planet Purple–who knew? And in Episode 0008, the neighborhood friends throw a Peace Party.

Lady Elaine arrives dressed as a dove of peace and suggests that the party be about peace and noise, not peace and quiet.

from The Neighborhood Archive–All Things Mr. Rogers

This speaks to me. Creating peace is noisy and messy and active. Promoting peace isn’t an act of avoiding conflict, but rather heading straight into the heart of it. Lady Elaine is totally on point.


Just a few thoughts for today, sparked by a couple of stickers I put on my fresh bullet journal. I’ve about wrapped up my fancy blue one and have tweaked to add more function and less fancy. Details to come.

Now I’m off to do some planning.



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